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Intelligent Yoga - with classes in Long Crendon studio, Buckinghamshire, Thame Oxfordshire area and on Zoom

About Annie's Yoga

Intelligent Yoga - Simply learning to move better, to live in the body more comfortably, by getting better at noticing and responding to how we feel!

Classes suitable for women and men of all ages and mixed ability, from beginners to more experienced students. We adapt postures to suit our bodies and specific needs. 

Background and Qualifications:​

  • Annie's yoga is influenced by her own teachers: Mary Stewart, Chloe Fremantle, Monica Voss, Peter Blackaby and also by Vanda Scaravelli's "Awakening the Spine".

About Annie

Annie Silverman is a highly qualified and experienced Yoga practitioner and has been teaching classes in local venues for over 25 years.

She is now bringing her teaching to her own Yoga Studio and in Zoom sessions to suit all needs.

Annie Silverman

For details of current classes, please click on the link for Beginners or General Classes.

For more information on classes and on one to one tuition, do call or email.
More details on IntelligentYoga are shown on the About Yoga page.

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