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Beginners Yoga Classes

This class is for:

  • those who did yoga a while ago and feel "a bit rusty"

  • people who have never done yoga and want to try it in a small class where they will get lots of help and attention

  • those who live with "grumpy bits" in their body and want help to ease those areas

This style of yoga is called "Intelligent Yoga" which has been developed by Peter Blackaby, an internationally respected yoga teacher who trained in osteopathy. It allows us to be more comfortable in our bodies and only make movements that we have evolved to do as human beings. We do not chase exercise or performance, we simply learn to move better with a body that is pain-free!

We naturally become more advanced in our yoga practise - not by going deeper into postures but because in time the body adapts to the movements and they feel easier to do. In time you may feel ready to join one of my other classes.

Classes are kept to a maximum of 6 people in the studio to allow room for movement and individual attention. More details of the type of yoga practised are outlined here.

Attendance Details

Free easy parking

Zoom links and studio address will be provided by email on confirmation of booking.

Current Classes

I am running yoga sessions both online using Zoom and simultaneously teaching live in my small, modern studio in Long Crendon Bucks, near Thame, Oxfordshire. Please email or call me for further details.


   Wednesdays  11:30am-12:45pm


   £10 per week

   booked and paid in advance by bank transfer.

2024 classes:

   Mar: 20, 25 (2pm)

   Apr: 3, 10, 24

   May: 1, 8, 15


General Information

Clothing - anything loose and comfortable: T-shirt, leggings or shorts, track suit bottoms and tops. Bare feet, of course, are essential.


Equipment - a yoga mat is all you need, a bottle of water too! Keep anything else like handbags to a minimum since there is little room available for storage.


Hand sanitiser provided. The venue is scrupulously clean and is well ventilated.

Age - all classes are mixed in age from teenagers to 80 year olds and from beginners to experienced. Students adapt the poses to suit their own ability and needs.

Enjoy Your Yoga!

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